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CEV are private Canadian Lawyers & consultants and are not affiliated with the Canadian Government.

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Prepare your papers for immigration & Save time and money by connecting you to the best professional lawyers & Consultants who get results.

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Our regulated Canadian immigration Lawyers & consultants can assist you with the process of applying to move to Canada.

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Every client is a unique case. Our philosophy is to work hard for all our clients so you don’t have to!

Business Immigration

If you own a business, or wish to open one in Canada, you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Work in Canada

Our team can help find the best program for you and support and guide your application for a work permit.

Study in Canada

Studying at a Canadian university is a highly sought after opportunity to gain a world class education and a path to potential citizenship.

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3 Simple steps

Step 1

Complete an in depth eligibility assessment. If you qualify, a dedicated lawyer will be assigned to your case & prepare a tailored plan that is the best suited immigration pathway for you.

Step 2

Prepare & Optimize. Your assigned lawyer will compile your immigration profile, gather documents and optimize your profile in order that you have the best possible chance of success.

Step 3

Once your application profile is perfect. We will assist with your immigration application request. Once successful, we will be there to guide you on your exciting first steps in Canada.

Why use us

The short answer is, we will not take a case we don’t think we can win. That’s why we are completely transparent in our evaluation of every Canada request. If we don’t think that you are eligible, we will tell you so. However, if we feel your case is strong, we will get right to work.

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CEV is a private Canadian Immigration company and is not affiliated with the Canadian Goverment.

Privacy Policy

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CEV is a private Canadian Immigration company and is not affiliated with the Canadian Goverment.

Privacy Policy